Installing on a laptop w/o cd capability

i am trying to install either AUDITOR SECURITY COLLECTION on a laptop that has no cd and cant boot from cd. so i figured hey why not take the hard drive from the cddrive-less laptop (toshiba) and stick it in my laptop that Does have a cd drive (ibm thinkpad r50), then move it back to the toshiba once its done. no luck. I install auditor on the 4.86gb 4200rpm ide laptop hard drive while its in the ibm, then when i move it over to the toshiba i can start the boot process, but it tries to load ibm drivers and gets stuck. so how can i do this. thanks!

thinkpad r50
pentium m 1.4ghz
768mb ram
dvd/cdrw combo drive

portege 3500
p3 1.33ghz
256mb ram
no cd
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  1. Can you not just copy the installation files to a USB pen or copy them up onto a network drive?

    Simple is normally the best way to go on these things...
  2. no that didnt owrk-and i dont konw how to do it overthe network.
    but nevermind, i solved the problem my way:
    got a differnet laptop :)
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