I can't install linux 10 inside windows XP

what should i do? :fou:
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  1. Need more information to help you. First off, I assume you mean Ubuntu 10.04? Linux is just the kernel, not the distribution.

    Secondly, what do you mean "inside windows xp"? You could download VirtualBox and run Ubuntu as a Virtual Machine, or you can install Ubuntu beside XP using Wubi.

  2. Wubi sucks! Pyroflea's suggestion to use VirtualBox is a gazillion times better :)

    A native install is gonna be even better but you'll have to repartition or shrink your existing partition.

    What are your specs?

    Good luck :)
  3. linux_0 said:
    Wubi sucks!

    I know, but some people like it for some reason :D
  4. What about virtualbox?

    My favourite application <3.
  5. amdfangirl said:
    What about virtualbox?

    My favourite application <3.

    I already said that :lol:
  6. Oh, I tend to miss things when I'm being self-centred.
  7. Pyroflea already recomended using virtual box, so I am asumming that you want a system with XP and Ubuntu 10.4. You are, thus, talking about dual booting XP with ubuntu 10.4. Then the place to start is the ubuntu forum. Also check this:


    It does have a full guide for using virtualbox, using wubi and dualboot.

    This thread could be helpful


    Guides for dual booting assume you have an hd with everithing in it (OS, apps and data) this thread is useful since it deals dual booting using an hd for windows/apps, another for data and another one for ubuntu. Check in particular post 6 and 7. They have some really useful links like

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