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Hi. I'm currently running Vista on a raid 0 array, and want to dual with XP. I have two partitions, one with vista and the other that I tried installing XP on. After it finishes the initial installation and restarts it says to press any key to boot from the CD. I wait without pressing anything and than it says that there was an error reading the disk. If I remember correctly, after it restarts it goes strait into windows setup. This happens every time I try restarting, but I can get back into vista by putting the hard drive to boot first. In vista I can see the other partition where XP was installed, and inside is just a folder titled WINDOWS and it seems like all the windows files are in there. Any help?
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  1. The problem is I can't get into XP after installing it, the guide explains how to get back into Vista after installing XP. I can only get into Vista.
  2. First tried to install XP .. while i already had Vista..

    Then i uninstalled vista.. Ran XP....
    THEN installed VISTA...
    WHen u start the comp.. it asks if u want to run vista or older OS
  3. There are ways to dual boot xp and vista no matter which OS is installed first. Here are the step by step guides with screen shots.

    This is a step by step dual boot XP/vista guide if Vista is installed first.


    Just incase anybody else wants this then here is the easy dual boot guide with XP installed first.

  4. another good program for Vista or Xp is Vistabootpro

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