DVD/CD burner that is Vista 64 bit compatible

Does anyone know of a good, reliable dvd/cd burner that is compatible with vista 64. Thanks.
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  1. I start with checking out web sites of Samsung, Lite-On, and NEC (now Sony NEC) see which drives they say are compatible with Vista 64
  2. I think it's more a question of what burning software is compatable. My NEC 3550A and Plextor 708A both worked fine in Vista 64. Nero 6 Ultimate however, was a no-go.
  3. pretty much all dvd driver will work fine with vista 64. As mentioned the more important factor is what software will work
  4. I read that Nero 7 is compatible with Vista 64.
  5. All CDROM drives use ATAPI from Win98 and up. Answer is: all optical drives will work in Vista, regardless of 32 bit or 64 bit. The key is will your burning software work in 64 bit vista?
  6. Quote:
    I read that Nero 7 is compatible with Vista 64.

    Yes, about 3 months ago Ahead.de came out with a Vista 64 update to Nero 7.

  7. Vista 64 will work with most softwares because is has a built in 32 bit emulator in the OS. When you put in nero you are using it in 32 bit mode not 64.

    Robert Matheson
  8. ashampo works fine with 32 and 64 bit. I am running it on 64 bit win 7 for test purposes.
  9. The issue I'm having and do not wish to have an issue with again, is if I should ever be required to upgrade the firmware for the DVD-RW drive to make it compatible with certain features such as Lightscribe and be unable to find a driver whose minimum requirement is a 32bit OS. So... is there a DVD-RW drive that is 64 bit compatible, will have 64 bit software to install it and ultimately, have 64 bit firmware upgrades? The original question in this thread was a good one. Thanks to anyone who can assist. :)
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