Having a hard time with external hard drives

I had to do an reformat on my PC. Before the reformat, my PC read both my external hard drives no problem. Then after the reformat, it only would read one. When I would restart with both connected, it wouldn't budge from the welcome screen. After I would unplug the "questionable" one, it would then allow me to log in as usual. I think it could be a driver issue but I'm not totally sure because it does read it after a little while. I changed the USB cable, so for now, it is holding. Can anybody figure out what it might be? Thank you in advance.
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  1. This should help
    Make sure that you have backed up to your external drive
    Trust me you wont lose any data

    After you know that you are secure (data wise) safely remove the drive

    Goto device manager and delete the driver.

    Reboot and see if it says anything about the drive (it wont)
    If so ignore and continue

    After booting then plug in the the drive it should pick it up automatically as it is USB
    If not reboot and it will pick it up
  2. What changed? you connected via usb hub? try to plug it in to difrent usb port
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