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new computer windows start problem

  • Windows XP
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March 4, 2008 8:15:00 PM


I have a really annoying problem, if someone could help, I will be grateful.
I purchased a new PC with the following equipment:

-Intel Core2Duo E8400 cpu
-Gigabyte P35C-DS3R mainboard
-4 GB OCZ 800mhz DDR2 ram (2*2)
-500 GB Seagate hdd
-LG DVD/CD writer 20x
-Thermaltake aguila case
-PC Power OCZ 610 watt psu
-Windows XP Pro installed

Starting from my first boot, I encountered the following problem: PC restarts during the black "Windows XP" startup screen and it cannot enter into windows. It restarts in the same way for 2-3 times and then enters into windows normally. When I'm in windows, everything seems fine but if I restart for some reason or after a shutdown, problem occurs again. The cycle of restarts continues for 2-5 times but I could never start normally for once.

So the PC went to the technical service, it restarted once but later on didnot repeat the problem again for maybe 20 trials. The technicians ran some checks and found no problems. But unfortunately when I returned home the same issue continued as before. I changed the RAMs locations but no cure. I formatted harddisk and installed windows again but no cure. I updated all my drivers including bios but no cure. The problem does not effect me after PC manages to start windows but it is really annoying to wait for lots of startup trials.

I don't know what to do. Please help me.
Best regards.

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March 5, 2008 9:57:20 PM

to help toubleshoot, there is an option you can add to your boot.ini file. Right-click My Computer and go to Properties. Go to Advanced and select Startup and Recovery. Select Edit. On the bottom it should say something like "partition(1) disk(0)" blah blah /fast detect". add "/SOS" without the quotes to the end. What that switch tells windows to do is display the drivers as it loads them during bootup. Maybe you can see exactly where it resets on you and figure out what it isn't liking.
March 9, 2008 7:05:32 PM

Well there is a good chance you got a driver problem, I recommend to reset bios, and install updated drivers. 70/30 it will help (can’t help more without knowing the problem) you can try to boot in safe mode, there you may see where the system crashes