What not to do after you install SP1and SLI doesn't work

I put SP1 on my 64 bit game machine with great hopes that I would see better performance but ended up with lockups and crashes. So I use the normal program removal tool to take SP1 off the system so I was back at the point I was at before and I could see if I had a hardware problem. I determined that it was my graphics driver 169.44 when it was in SLI mode that was crashing the system. I reloaded the driver which I need to have on the system to play Crysis with the 1.2 patch on it and now only crashes when I play in high or very high setting. Mine you before I put SP1 on it didn’t do any of the things it’s doing now. My next step was to put SP1 back on and that’s where I really had problems because when I tried the install I got this code 0x80070002. After doing everything that the Microsoft support site said which included checking the hard drive, memory check, removing the SoftwareDistribution file, running the system file checker, and finally a stand alone install all of which did not work.
Finally I was left with only one option and that was to try a system restore using the Vista 64 install CD and fortunately there was a restore point that was created when I did the SP1 update. I did the restore and at the end it said the restore did not take place with an error code of 0x800700b7 file already exist. But after reboot it said it was successful and I could see that the desktop was restore to what it was at the time so I tried the update again and it worked. BTW I had to turn SLI off to keep from crashing during the update and after the update I still can’t get SLI to work with out crashing
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  1. Some have had issues with video drivers crashing their systems since they installed SP1 and installed the latest nvidea beta drivers appears to have fixed it. See the other vista SP1 threads for more details.
  2. Since I installed SP1 I can't run any of my games in high setting in SLI or single Card. In fact when in SLI the machine just locks up after about 5 minutes.
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