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sorry if this has been identified, i saw a lot about this but nothing that hits my same criteria... I have a custom built PC and both the motherboard, and vista support 8gigs of ram however if i put more than 2 in it wont boot or gives me BSOD. with 2 gigs in it runs like a champ.. i have updated all the drivers through windows and tried tweaking with my bios. I need help, i bought 8 gigs and even though it may be overkill i want to see if i can get it to work, so if you need any more info on my system or have any ideas please let me know.. Thanks.
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  1. You did not provide your system specs, but in BIOS set up your RAM to Mfg. specs. PC6400 requires 2.0-2.1v and timings should bet set also, 5-5-5-15. Be sure to set the RAM frequency or speed, PC8400 is 800mhz.
  2. Are you installing Vista 64 or have you already got it installed?

    If you are installing do this:

    In installation you can only have 2gig of ram. Proceed with installation with no more than 2 gig. After install pop the rest in and you should be good.
  3. I did as nlraley but i seem to remember downloading a patch from MSFT website after the install was up and running to fix the issue before plopping it in.

    This may be the one but not sure if its required.
  4. i have a asus M2n-sli deluxe mobo, amd fx64 3.2 processor, 500 GB HD, LITE-ON DVD and CD drives, 2 Nvidia 8600 GT's SLI, 750W Thermaltake PSU, and G-Skill PC6400 ram (2GB Sticks), ill check my BIOS but other than setting it up for boot preference it should already be Manufacturer settings, ill check all my timings and freq too. I have already installed Vista Ultimate 64 bit, and it runs great (its on this comp im on) just not with more than 2 gigs ram
  5. Rebuttal to above....You can have more than 2gb memory and install Vista. I installed with 8gb memory. Back to the problem...Some MB's are very picking about the number and type of modules you install. You may be able to use 2gb modules x2 but not four modules. I have a DFI Lanparty board that absolutly refused to work with four sticks of RAM no matter the size or manufacturer. Also, with four sticks you are going to have to (one or all of the following: Raise memory voltage, relax your timings, lower your memory speed. For example, I use four sticks of Patriot Viper PC6400 2gb memory. I had to bump voltage to 2.2 volts, lower speed to 667(base) and relax timings to 5-5-5-15. I over clock so my memory is really at 721mhz so I take a little hit but the increased memory makes up for that tiny speed hit. Also make sure that your memory is compatible with your MB. Your MB manufacturer should have a list of approved memory types. Other memory may or may not work.
  6. There is a bug with certain types of memory controller. The fix is KB929777. This may or may not apply to your system.

    Also - Read this, and other related, threads at OCZ:
  7. Thanks for all the help, turns out my memory was not the problem at all. Its the SLI. i started messing around with everything and come to find out it runs like a champ on 8GB of RAM as long as i take one vid card out. So now on to my next problem, how do i keep my 8 gigs and get the system to go SLI?? I have my RAM overclocked to 821 its not drastic but its stable.
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