Vista + OEM + vLite

Ok, on win xp pro, I've been making my "latest" version CD with nLite to keep a recent install version handy for the last 4+ years.

Ok, I've read this great thread (amongst others):

I am thinking about buying the cheaper OEM vista ultimate 64-bit version from my local PC store.
(I've just built my latest, best-bang-for-the-buck PC: intel quad core, 8gb ram, 8800gts, etc)

Now, I want to be able to "upgrade" this dvd to the latest version of the disk (with all major updates) to keep handy ala RyanVM site.

question time: OEM =

- 1 license/1 PC (= understood!)

- problems with using vLite?

- will the new sp1 run ok on the OEM version? (probably a stupid question, but a mans gotta know damn it!)

- any way of slipsteaming the dvd without "reverse slipstreaming" (man that sounds messy and a waste of time)

- what are the best places to buy AND download the purchased OEM software (want to see if its cheaper online somewhere...BUT legit!)

- my friend bought ultimate late last year (hence my interest)...he has the full retail (legit)...I'm wondering if when I start slipsteaming my OEM can i give him a "latest" version so that he can keep it handy BUT using his legit license? the versions only relate to the license...right? (argh bloody windows!!)

thats it for the moment! any helpful advice greatly welcomed!
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  1. comparing ultimate to "home premium" - there is one feature in xp that i use to get out of a tight spot... "system restore".

    is this basic functionality on vista home premium? (I'm not so concerned with the "Windows Complete PC Backup and Restore")...just the restore function.

    anyone using home premium that can fill me in?
  2. <bump>
  3. Home Premium will still have System Restore... so will Home Basic for that matter. The only thing they won't have is the Complete PC Backup.
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