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I would like to know how do I set up a user account with administrator rights so that I won't have to always go into safe mode? I have XP home edition and I'm trying to use itunes because it can only be run with an administrator account but am having trouble because I have to go into safe mode to access the administrator account and I can't operate itunes in the safe mode.
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  1. Control Panel > Users & Groups > Add new User > Put them in the Administrators group (this obviously must be done while on the administrative account)
  2. Help!! I've set up a new user as an administrator while in safe mode on the administrative account, but I still can't access itunes. My name is on as a primary computer administrator and the account I set up also is computer administrator. Besides not being able to access itunes, all my information in my primary account is gone and I can't access any web pages. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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