Rundll32 Host Proccess Stops Working

Hey Guyz Wtsup,

I got windows home premium 64bit recently. Everything was working like a dream, until recently i started getting random host proccesess shutoffs. Some programs wont open because they suddenly stop working, the most common one i get iz "Rundll32 (Host Proccess) has stopped working" I checked windows solutions section, but it couldnt find any solutions for it. Its starting to get weirder now because when you log off, it goes all spasticated when you log on to another file or back on your own. Like you cant see the program you opened at the bottom bar of the screen, also none of the programs that usually startup with login dont show up in the tasbar. but if you restart the machine, it seems to be ok. Also it gets really mega slow when it acts all stupid randomly. I dont want to have to keep restarting the pc just to get it right everytime, because i feel like i shouldnt have to, i just want the damn thing to run normally like it was! Ive ran virus scans, cleaned the registry deleted any possible threat via downloaded programs. And im always running Kaspersky Internet Security v7.

Any help would be much much much much apreciated! lol

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  1. I got that rundell32 prob once but after reboot, alls well.

    I have since installed Vista 32 SP1 and all is still well.
  2. That's just a generic 32 bit host service, which unfortunately does nothing to tell you what actually went wrong.. You'll have to look at what programs were active at the time to try to troubleshoot it down to the root cause.

    (1) What were you doing at the time
    (2) Have you installed anything new lately?
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