urgent boot help!


this morning i was fiddling around with my comp as usual overclocking it ect and when i found a suitable stable overclocking freqency i started up COD4. This soon crashed and from then on i cannot boot up my computer.

It shows my motherboard start up screen and then flashes up the POST after that it flashes the dash in the top left hand corner and then does blank after about 5 seconds.

I have tried installing windows XP again but exaclly the same thing happends, after i press to boot from disk, it says "set up in inspecting your hardware config..." and then about 2 seconds after this it goes blank

urgently need help thanks!
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  1. Try resetting the CMOS jumper. Unplug the power supply and remove the battery when you reset the jumper. Instructions in your MB manual.
  2. yeah that hasnt worked :S

    i inserted my mums hared drive and then it booted up hers fine..

    so it must be my HDD now then?
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