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Trouble installing Windows xp on new build

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March 9, 2008 9:09:46 PM

Just tried to install windows on my new build,first one I've tried by myself.Everything seemed to b ok,when prompted to hit f6 I did.Nothing happened.Windows said to hit reset,I did.It started to copy files for a short while then displayed error code OXOOOOOO7B (OXF7C7A524,OXCOOOOO34,OXOOOOOOOO,OXOOOOOOOO) What now ,do I need to clear(RTC) RAM in CMOS b4 starting over? Any help appreciated!

Asus p5b
IntelE4500 WD 250 gig sata HD
Asus sata optical drive
Kingston ram XFX 8600 gt 512mb video card

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March 9, 2008 11:41:08 PM

Thanks for the reply,tried that ,after step 4 did,nt work.
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March 10, 2008 10:58:30 AM

Hmm I am not sure what happened here. Why did you hit F6, you need to load drivers? You made new partitions, Quick format or full? What about system bios? You changed any settings? Try to load defaults if you did. Try to unplug hardware you don’t need for setup. Get bootable hardware diagnostic software.
March 10, 2008 11:46:07 PM

I was under the impression I had to load drivers for sats hd in order for windows to see it.
March 11, 2008 8:19:26 AM

brackj said:
I was under the impression I had to load drivers for sats hd in order for windows to see it.

Only if XP can’t see you hard drives, XP got a large drivers cache. Anyway, try to do a few steps to isolate the problem.
Bios Reset, Recreate and reformat (full just in case) the installation partition, you can test you ram it is easy to do, with soft like memtest86, unplug hardware you don’t need for the installation. If you got spare HD, try it, if you got spare VGA try it, and so on….try to do what is the easiest first.
March 11, 2008 9:13:52 PM

Hey I ran memtest overnight last night,0 errors.I checked my bios settings ,memory voltage is correct.How do I get back to where I can reformat my hard drive and start over?Would I be better off with a new ide hd?
March 12, 2008 7:34:43 AM

First try with your parts and if it won’t work replace them one by one. Steps are:
Make sure that only must have hardware connected. (Disconnect all scanners, printers, webcam etc..) the only hardware connected will be ( CPU,MB, RAM, VGA card, HD, Optical Drive, Mouse, Keyboard)
Than enter Bios and make sure that Optical Drive is the first boot device.
Insert the Windows XP CD-ROM and reboot the computer
If you see a message about hitting any key to boot the CD, do so now.
MS-DOS portion of Setup begins
In the first step, you will be asked to press F6 if you need to install any third-party or RAID drivers.
Welcome to Setup
Press ENTER to continue Setup, and it will examine your hard drives and removable disks.
Read the license agreement
Hit F8 to continue.
Choose an installation partition
this crucial step lets you choose where to install XP. On a clean install, you will typically install to the C: drive, Setup will show you all of your available disks and let you create and delete partitions as needed. Delete the partition you wanted to install XP on, if it possible to delete all the partitions on the drive, than make your new partition, Hit enter to install, you will be asked to format the partition, make a full format, ntfs recommended).
In case of failure, start replacing parts…in some rare cases bios update helped. cables are hardware as well…