Server 2000 DC down after restore

Problem: Server 2000 DC hard drive failed. Purchased new drive, installed server 2000 and restored everything from a backup. Everything is back up, however none of the client machines can connect to the server and view "my documents". Initially we had 3 DC, however we are down to 1 because of hardware failures so this one server is carrying all the FSMO roles.

Some of the errors:
dcgetdcname call failed
can't open the group policy (Failed to find a domain controller. There may be a policy that prevents you from selecting another domain controller.)
sometimes the active directory won't open
A Time Server could not be located.
The server holding the PDC role is down.
NIC won't save static IP settings (although the machine IP stays the same)

Any help would be greatly appreciate.
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  1. When you say "restored everything from a backup", did you do a restore of Active Directory? Have a look at and read the section on reinstalling and restoring when another DC is not available. This procedure requires you to have done a System State backup.
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