Windows died, need Linux to save me!

Ok I have a bit of a tricky situation.

My Windows Vista installation just died (Wont boot, not even into safe mode). The error message I get told me to repair my installation, which I did but it didn't fix it. I'm now just interested in backing up my files so that I can do a complete reinstall. This is where linux comes in.

My system is:

AMD Phenom 9950
Nvidia 8300 chipset
ATI HD4870 512mb
2x 500GB SATA II HDD's in RAID0

Because my HDD's are in RAID0 I cant just hook them up to a different computer, so I want to use Ubuntu 7.10 Live CD to access my HDD's. When I booted into the Live CD I couldn't see my HDD in the "Computer" option.

I did "sudo fdisk -l" in the terminal and this showed me my HDD's. I'll add that I pretty much have no idea what im doing on linux, just copying and pasting stuff into the terminal hoping something works.

I then tried to mount one of them (It recognized them as 2 500GB HDD's, even tho they are set up as 1 1TB partition) and I get the message "mount: unknown filesystem type 'nvidia_raid_member'"

Does this mean I cant access my HDD through the Live CD? I really need to access my files and this Live CD seems like the only way.. please help! :)

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  1. Try a more up to date build (10.04), the nVidia RAID support has been much improved in tha last year (or so).
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