Can't run ActiveX in browsers; please help

Well, I've been working with computers for forty years, but I'm stumped on this one. Even after searching the Net.

When I go to a site that tries to run an ActiveX control, it won't run for my login. Internet Explorer gives me a message "Error. Scripting for ActiveX might be disabled." Netscape simply hangs forever. (for example, I can't see listings at

Two odd things. One, FireFox will run these scripts. Two, when I log in as Administrator, all browsers can run these scripts. Don't know if that's because it has privileges, or because whatever setting this is isn't messed up for the Administrator login.

Can anyone point to a setting that would have disabled ActiveX in Internet Explorer _and_ Netscape? Is it a coincidence that this happened after I installed FireFox, or is FireFox sabotaging the other browsers? ;)

Thanks in advance
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  1. In IExplorer
    Tools|internet options|security|internet|custom level|activeX scripting (enable)
  2. pat mcgroin said:
    In IExplorer
    Tools|internet options|security|internet|custom level|activeX scripting (enable)


    Thanks, but it seems that I left out a very important piece of information. That menu item doesn't exist for me, probably because here in Win2K land I am running Explorer 6 (oddly, at work we are required not to upgrade to 7, even though we have XP).

    Careless of me. I have enabled the various choices in the security menu that are sub-items under "ActiveX controls and plug-ins," but no joy.
  3. I havent run 2000 in a while but I thought it was in there somewhere.
    Possibly through the control panel|internet|settings.
    Also I dont know about your company policies but I would suggest moving up to IE7 as it offers MANY security enhancements.

    Try This
  4. dear
    u have the problem in ur script,
    plz check the
    Error. Scripting for ActiveX might be disabled
    at offline at ur local webserver at try change the msg txt,
    ur will find the error
    Muhammad Farooq
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