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Yes, the title is the question. I'm looking to buy an HDTV along with a ps3/xbox360. (1080p if you must know) I was wondering if there was a way, without cables, to transmit my picture on my computer to my TV, which will be across the room. I don't want to run a 25 foot cable around the room so that I could avoid the door. I know there are wireless AV transmitters available for other devices, just wondering if anything possible for my comp to TV. The reason I need this is because I download video media sometimes, mainly anime, that I would like to watch on my team.
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  1. Well, good for you that the market has been fairly generous about releasing products lately that meet this exact need. There is a couple options for you.

    1.) Wireless transmit video (would have to be composite i.e. RCA jacks) this method is the worst of the group but will get your tv to display anything that is on your computer screen. The down side is the crappy quality of the video (lots of static from ir solutions), need line-of-sight (straight line between receiver and transmitter with no blockage), and the display will only be 640x480 or a cut off 800x600.

    2.) You can try and use windows media centers ability to stream the videos to your PS3 or Xbox 360. I don't know about the Xbox but I can stream videos to my PS3 wireless by enabling DLNA in windows media center and using my PS3 to find the media. The downside to this method is that you must have the files in a compatable format for the PS3 to understand (i.e. .mp4, etc)

    3.) You can purchase a media box which is designed to do just what you are talking about. It's a dedicated box that is generally fast and compatable with a slew of media files and formats. It has the best quality (depending on model of course) and you can even store media on some models. I would recommend this over the other solutions. You can check out the D-Link models at http://www.dlink.com under media players, Apple has one called the apple TV and can be found at www.apple.com

    If you have your mind made up about a perticular method or product but it doesn't play your videos because of the codec used you can always convert the movies into a compatable codec like .mp4, .wmv, or .avi. hope that helps!
  2. Thanks for the response. Most of the files I watch are avi, or mkv. Do you know if MKV is compatible with the ps3 option? And I have wireless internet right now. What type of transmitter do I need or does my wireless signal work?
  3. Your movies in .avi should play fine with the ps3 as long as they are encoded with mp4. You will know this when you get your PS3 connected and try to play a movie. As for the mkv, this is a fairly new type of file and should be converted if you want more portability with it. There are hundreds of video converters out there for the pc. You may want to start out looking for the psp converters, they do a good job and tend to let you set the resolution and encoding bit rate (both directly relate to quality of video). After you convert to mp4 you can watch it on just about anything although some devices want a lower resolution so you can watch it on smaller devices like psp or ipod. Your PS3 has built in wireless so there is nothing new needed there. Here are the steps to get your video on the PS3.

    1.) Get video conversion software for movies.
    2.) Convert your files to mp4
    3.) Go into windows media player and enable DLNA
    4.) Go to your PS3 and look for media servers
    5.) Select video under the PS3 menu bar and then select your computers shared name
    6.) Select the video you want to watch and voila!

    Make sure your PS3 is up to date I think the media server function was enabled in firmware 1.7 and above
  4. Well I'm a cheap bastard with an old xbox I hacked by hotplugging and throw on xbmc. It plays everything except high def which isn't really that popular right now anyway. If you get the high def kit it even upconverts dvds but the processor can't handle h.2** ect. It can even read itunes shares for itunes below version 7.0 after that you have to use firefly media server. It's a bit of work but it's worth it especially since you can pick up an xbox on ebay with a remote for $75.
  5. Awesome, thanks for the reply.

    Last but not least, do I HAVE to use windows media player?
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