Windows XP SP3 is out?

Has anyone tested or read about the Windows XP SP3 and IE 8? I've seen these updates posted up on and was wondering has anyone tried them out yet. Two months ago. I used this site to download and install Office 2003 SP3 updates because Windows could not be vaildated on my Wife's Laptops. Any info on this matter will be greatly appreciated.
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  1. I Tried XPSP3 RC2 I did see about a 15% Boost in gaming frame rates on my system. But it broke a few of Drivers (realtek onboard sound and the Razer mouse) everything else worked fine. I was able to google a fix for eh Audio but not the mouse. I've since removed it since the updates weren't working but I think that's just part of the beta testing.
  2. I see, thx for the info.
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