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Vista 64 Installation, Please Help

I just install vista 64 to my xp partition drive. During the vista 64 installation, I deleted, and clicked new and format the xp partition. Which is what I want, no more xp. After finished installing vista 64, I noticed vista 64 shrink the xp os. How can I do a true clean installation using vista disk without using other software? Also, why my screen still showing the Earlier Version of Windows when I deleted my xp partition drive? Please Help! Thanks!

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    (1) Create a bootable disc - CD, Floppy, thumb drive, whatever
    (2) Boot to a C prompt
    (3) Type C:\>format C:
    (4) Go have lunch
    (5) install your new OS on your freshly reformatted drive
  2. Thanks! I will do it right away.
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