Hi guys!

I have a serious problem which I couldn't solve for months... Really annoys me...
I successfully set up a dual-boot system (Vista+XP).
Vista works perfectly BUT i have a major issue with XP...
XP very often gives me a BSOD after starting up. Not always but often.
This is the error message i get: PAGE_FAULT_IN_NONPAGED_AREA.
I can get into XP using safe mode with no problem.

I read many forums about this problem... some suggested to play with the RAMS, i have already tried that with no luck. I even set the page file on every drive to 0MB (at this point XP simply freezes, no BSOD). I recently got two brand new hard drives... don't think it is related to hard drives...

So far I noticed if i don't install any drivers (sound card, vid. card), just raw XP, BSOD won't happen. I suspect something with the Video card driver...

This is my config:

ASUS Striker Extreme
4 GB DDR2 Corsair XMS 800Mhz CL5 KIT
ASUS EN8800 Ultra
SB X-Fi Extreme Gamer
Plextor 810SA
500GB Samsung 7200rpm 16MB (Win XP)
500GB Western Dig. 7200rpm 16MB (Win Vista)
800W FSP BlueStorm PSU
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  1. About halfway down the page.

    Set the page file back to default. You said you played with the RAM. Run memtest and check for errors. Try running the system with one DIMM in slot one.

    UBD including Memtest here:
  2. I ran the Windows Memory Diagnostics from a bootable floppy disk and it found no errors...
  3. Please guys help me, i couln't use XP for at least 4 months because of this problem... Any clues?
    Post here any idea please!!
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