My attempt to get Dell Vista refund

Dell sells some very few naked PC's, but all the good ones has forced Vista tax on them,
However I read many articles of ppl demanding discount for their Vista copy as stated in the EULA, so I tried the same.

Here's the agreement I got when first starting up the PC:

So I didn't agree to it (there's nowhere to go but to turn of the PC on the power-button) and reformated the drive with XP.
I sent it in to Dell and asked about a discount for the Vista software (plus MS works) but they just replyed "You computer is currently at the depo and will arrive tomorrow" totally ignoring my request (and the part where I said "the delivery went fine").
I tried to follow up and they eventually said:
"Please be advised that Dell has a 7-day policy during which time customers may
cancel the order or any part of the order.
Unfortunately the order in question has exceeded the 7-day period .
We regret the situation and the inconveniences caused to you."

So basically they stalled it until it was over the 7 days period, however after much more arguing I managed to convince them that my request for the discount was within this 7 day period but they said:
"With regards to the Operating system Vista , as informed you earlier that we cannot
refund or arrange cancellation on the Operating System ,When the order is shipped ,
the operating system is pre-installed in your PC."

So it didn't work, I think there's too many post of those extremely rare cases it works and not so many for all those other attempts that it's easy to believe you might have a chance, so I just wanted to state out that atleast for me it didn't work (in the UK).
If anyone has any other ideas of how I can get the refund, please tell, altho I have kinda gotten the idea it's hopeless.
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  1. If the discount covered the price of XP, then it would be worth it... it's just not worth the effort otherwise. Besides, why didn't you actually give Vista a try before reformatting? Yes, there are all sorts of bad things being said about it on the intarweb... but there were plenty of horror stories about XP upon it's initial release as well.

    My experiences have been mostly positive with Vista. The only trouble I had was setting up Vista business on my work comp... but with a few settings changed, I had given myself all the rights I needed. I have Home Premium on my laptop... and I've never had an issue with it.

    Don't believe everything you read. Give it a try at the very least and if your experience is as bad as you've been lead to believe it will; then by all means format away. Of course, if you've already tried it, then feel free to ignore my ramblings.
  2. I agree, Vista is good. Get 2 gb of ram and your set dude. Just disable the User Account control, and let it update, run a small antivirus, like AVG for example is free, and use a free firewall, the Windows firewall should suffice, and you ought to be good to go.
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