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Will Vista recognize old data on hard drives?

Not sure if this is the appropriate forum section, but here it goes...

After 4 years, my OS hard drive finally crapped out on me. I decided that it would be a good time to do some system upgrades as well as uprade to Vista, and I just got finished ordering all the goodies.

My previous setup included my WinXP drive (that died), two storage drives, and an external backup drive. Since only the WinXP drive went bad, I would like to put the other two storage drives into my new rig (along with a brand new drive on which I will install Vista).

Will my new Vista installation be able to see the data on these old drives? I would like to get the old drives into Vista, completely back them up onto my external, then wipe them clean and reinstall my programs and such. Will I be able to do this, or will Vista want me to format the old drives when it detects them?

Any other comments or suggestions? Thanks.
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    Yup. When I just built my new machine last month I took my data drive out of the old machine and plugged it into my new one. Transfered files to the new computers hard drives and removed the old drive.
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