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My motherboard has a built in wifi router and can be set up as the host pc or the remote pc. I have it set up as the remote pc now. My other box has a Linksys wrt54g router and I wanted to know if this router can be set up to receive a wireless connection as the remote pc.

Does my query make sense??


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  1. First I would list your motherboard that way we can get an idea of what your currently using. Second where are you seeing the option for host pc or remote pc? What do you plan to use this function for? Do you want to just connect the computer to the network or do you plan on having 2 separate networks linked together by the linksys and this motherboards router function?
  2. My motherboard is in my sig.

    All I want to do is use my current pc as the host and the one with the linksys router as the remote pc if the router can connect to a wireless network as opposed to other computers connecting TO the router.
  3. Sorry I missed the MB guess I'm going blind. Anyways it sounds like you are using the wrt54g to gain access to the wireless network on your remote desktop (i.e. using it like a wireless NIC) if this is the case then you can make your wrt54g into a bridge and use it to connect it to your MB router. Since you have a wrt54g I would recommend downloading the latest DD-wrt and installing it on the linksys which should make it that much easier to perform the functions of a bridge. Although I don't trust computers as routers too much unless they are dedicated because so many things can go wrong with the software. What is the reason that you don't want to use the linksys as the main router?
  4. The reason is that we are moving our home office from the real office to an unused bedroom and since this is the main PC I was thinking of changing the setup. Of course with both machines set up the way they are now I don't have to change any network settings, so I'll most likely leave everything the way it is. I was just thinking down the road...

  5. Ah ok, what might work too is just leave the linksys and modem in a corner somewhere connected to the internet and get a wireless card for your desktop. With that setup you don't have to worry about having the main PC turned on all the time to do routing and you don't have to travel the big mess of wires that come with the router to computer and router to modem into the new office.
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