Windows 2000 install stalled \'completing configuration of COM+

Install of W2000 Pro stalled: windows 2000 install stalled 'completing configuration of COM+

To do??

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  1. What hardware are you installing it on. Does it support 2000?
  2. Using a Dell Optiplex GX150. Clean install from W98SE. Following booklet for install over the W98 OS.

    Ran update test from MSFT site before starting install; no real issues that might affect.


  3. Voila!!!! I rebooted and the install completed successfully. Doug
  4. Good. That machine should have no problem with 2000 (we had hundreds of them where I used to work). Must have been a one-off glitch.
  5. Yes. I just upgraded to WinXP and it went smoothly as well. Thank you.
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