Repeated and random BSOD’s!!!

Good lord the Blue screens of death! WHY!!!! Rarely are any two the result of the same problem, IRQ_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL, NTFS.sys, Tcpip.sys, USBster.sys, Win32.sys, MRXsmb.sys, and a few I didn’t get wrote down. Some times they would just happen when I’m not even at the computer with nothing running, other times with a DVD playing or when listing to some tunes. Their stocking me!!!! Iv turned off a few things that typically run such as AVG, Spybot, sidebar, and whatnot to see what happens. Next I’ll try removing SP1 if possible.

The only thing that has changed is the installation of SP1 but it ran fine after install until today (installed via windows update).

System should be in the sig but I haven’t posted anything here before so I don’t know if it will show so here it is.
Vista Home Premium 64
Q6600 @2.4
4Gigs G.Skill
Gigabyte GA-P35-DS3R
Western Digital 500gig aaks?

Any suggestion?
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  1. Windows Vista has a built in memory testing utility. Boot your system from the vista disc you installed from, and test your memory, if there are any problems with that, it should tell you. I had a problem similar to that, and it came out that I had a stick of memory apparently get overheated and started going bad. Thankfully if that's your prob, memory is dirt cheap right now.
  2. So none of this before SP1? I'd uninstall SP1 and see if that fixes it. Did you get SP1 automatically or did you go and download it manually? If you did a manual download there may be a reason MS didn't push it to you - software or hardware driver that is not yet ready for SP 1. There are a few still.
  3. I'll try both approaches, I installed via auto update.
    I may be speaking too soon but since closing all background apps, AVG, spybot, sidebar, misc so far so good, but only time will tell.
  4. Try both. I know my system was brand new when I had the issue, had only been built by my father and I a month or 2 prior. Kind of weird. I'd never seen it like that before. The stick that went bad had a heatspreader on it, and it was hot when I pulled it, what I suspect is the heatspreader had trapped heat and the stick just fried itself over time. Who knows.
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