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I will be ordering a new video card soon and now face a buying dilemma. An 8800 GTX doesn't fit in my budget. I will be gaming at 1680X1050 so I think I will be better off with a 8800 GTS 640 as opposed to a 320. My preference is for an EVGA card due to their step up program and warranty. EVGA offers three different versions of this card. The stock card sells for around $330, the superclocked version goes for about $350 and the KO ACS3 goes for a roughly $450. The superclocked card seems like a good deal for an extra $20, but is the KO ACS3 card really worth an extra $120 dollars. That would be at the very top end of my budget and at that price I would have to also consider an HD 2900 XT. Any thoughts comments or suggestion will be greatly appreciated.
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  1. Stick with the regular 640. Overclocking is covered under eVGA's warranty and you can easily get to GTX speeds. If you are worried about the cooler, you could probably find an after-market one for less than the ASC3 version.
    The HD2900XT wouldn't be a bad choice either, thought GTS prices should go down soon due to the ATi release.
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