USB 2.0 running at 1.0 speed?

first off, whats the point in the search giving results that no longer exist? i did a search for this problem and its been brought up before but i can't read them as they don't exist... anyway

Basically copying mp3's from hard drive to player takes the exact same speed as usb 1.0 when its actually a 2.0 port.
sisoftware sandra says the port is 2.0 and also when i dual boot linux (ubuntu 7.01 or .04?), it copies the files at 2.0 speed. so seems like a windows / driver issue?

the mobo is also 2007 age so not slow. i believe the mp3 player is the only item running on that "hub" (correct term?). its plugged straight into the mobo not through another external hub. it also seems that copying the files from the player to the computer (ie the other way round) it goes at USB 2.0 speed?!?

i uninstalled the drivers, restarted, and when windows started up again it auto found drivers and installed them. did a search for updated drivers but it said that i have the latest and best.

other usb items connected - logitech G7 wireless mouse and a logitech messenger webcam - but soon a 500gb external drive hence wanting this sorted :)
the mp3 player is a creative zen stone plus 2gb.
mobo is a gigabyte M55S-S3

245mb of mp3's should copy at ~40MB per second (480Mbit/s allowing for general slowing down)? so 10 seconds.
but it takes 6.5 minutes? thats 1.6MB per second (12Mbit/s).

ummm can't think of anything else at the moment, and i'd prefer to get this sorted in windows and not just do in in linux :)

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  1. Seems to me it's a driver issue, I had the Creative Zen (Vision M), and I experienced this slow copying issue, even worse on some occasion it will just stop copying.

    But if I'm installing the latest driver from Creative sites, and install those media player applications (from Creative, forgot the exact name), the copy process get faster compare to windows driver. Not sure with the exact speed, but it's faster then the windows driver (the one that auto installed from windows).
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