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Sharing files between Win7 and Ubuntu laptop

Hey, I'm trying to transfer about 8 gigs of data from my Ubuntu laptop to my desktop... the laptop cannot burn anything above cd roms, so I'm trying to setup filesharing. i set it so that the laptop doesn't need a password to be entered, but when i try to access it via win 7 it says please enter your username and pw... so I do that, and then it says enter the user name and pw to access these files, and I've tried everything here, but I just can't get past this.
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    Presumably you have followed the instructions in this document to set up a Samba files server on your laptop. And you have added a user with the smbpasswd command? Not sure what you can have done wrong. You might try switching off the firewall on the laptop if it is enabled. Or you could post your /etc/samba/smb.conf file here (blanking out any sensitive bits) for people to look at.

    Alternatively, what about setting up a FTP server on one of the machines and using the FTP client on the other to transfer the files?
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  3. hey, apparently I had failed to properly install samba... It's working now...
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