Vista and VPN problems?

Will going to Vista cause any problems with connecting to the routers at work or with my home wireless network? I use both my laptop and desktop for communicating through a VPN to a company network. I'
d like to get a new laptop and want to make sure that VIST will still work fine for file sharing on my home network and also with the company VPN. I intend to get Business for the laptop and stay with XP Pro the desktop until it needs an upgrade..

The IT guy at work seems to think that Vista will be unworkable. His comment was "Vista has so many security popups that it's almost unusable". One of the issues we have with XP is that our certificate isn't recognized but that's a minor inconvenience.

Can someone give me some specific problems I'll run into and then some solutions?

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  1. As far as your home network, Vista can/will configure itself automatically. This is transparent to the user, and I have little concern there, to be honest. The caveat being if you have a wireless router older than a couple years.

    If you were building your own, I would tell you to NOT connect the network cable until after you have installed your local drivers for the chipset and whatever local devices and rebooted. The reason for that is that Vista will reach out for all it's updates and will begin installing then as soon as it configures Internet access. Best to only do one thing at a time, and the local devices first. But that's not the case here.

    Regarding your VPN netwwork for work - That could be an issue. The reason for that is Vista's networking stack was completely rewritten from XP's. So if the VPN software your company uses is dependent on some XP facility that no longer exists in Vista... In this case, your IT guys seem like they may not be very supportive - Check with the software vendor for your VPN and ask if they have/require a specific client or setup for Vista.

    Regarding pop-ups - SP1 significantly reduced the frequency, and you can shut them off anyhow.
  2. Thanks for the response. I just realized that I allowed several Vista laptops to access my wireless router at home and there weren't any problems. Just didn't add them to the network.

    You're right, the IT guy isn't very supportive - seems to mumble to himself a lot and say how the world would be a better place if we all used Linux. Glad to hear that SP1 has reduced pop-up annoyance.
  3. I'm guessing you're considering either Vista Business, Enterprise or Ultimate? No other versions of Vista will allow to connect to your company's domain...
  4. Z - I'm curious why a VPN client wouldn't be able to connect. The server wouldn't care whether the client software is running in Vista, XP, Linux, DOS, iPhone, or abacus... Just so long as it's a valid client.
  5. Perhaps... haven't had a lot of experience with VPN clients. Usually you need a business type version of Windows to connect to a domain... but a VPN client might be able to negate that necessity.
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