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I am trying to add my Xbox 360 as an extender to my Vista Home Premium PC so I can run Windows Media Center through my Xbox. However, I cannot seem to get through the setup process. When I go through the media center extender configuration it finds my extender but then when it gets to "configuring extender" it gives me an error message saying "An error was encountered while trying to configure your PC." The weird thing is that when I turn on my PC I get a pop-up balloon saying "extender found" and it shows an icon of my Xbox so I know it is seeing it. I tried doing the config. after disabling my anti-virus and windows firewall but it still does the same thing. The Upnp setting on my router is enabled. I also followed 2 solutions to this error that were on the MS site but they didn't help either. Can someone please help me this is pissing me off!!!
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  1. Im having the same problem. It will get through 2 of the setup stages and then my computer freezes and the xbox 360 gives an error message and goes back the the "" page. I have no idea what the problem is. I've been at it all day and have run out of ideas. I have Vista so I don't have to install anything. I love how easy they claim it to be in the videos.
  2. I got it working somehow. I had to try a couple times before it finally worked. One of the things that I tried different was I use the "Add Extender" inside Windows Media Center instead of using the found Xbox360 options. Every review ive read that had problems has mentioned that it took several attempts to get it up and connected so, my best advice is to just keep trying. Change subtle ways of engaging the connection. Good Luck.
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