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I have two 80gb Sata HD's. I intend to use them in a raid 0 setup. Can i have a third HD, on IDE which is 250 GB as storage, completely independent of my raid array?

My mobo supports raid, has both sata and IDE. This seems possible in my mind, but i've never really used Raid before.

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  1. yeah that will work no problem, you can have a raid array and other ide/sata drives at the same time. Tho the only problem with raid 0 is if one drive fails in your array then all data is lost but the chances of that are remote, hope that helps
  2. Yes, setting up RAID and having another drive for storage is totally do-able. The storage drive doesn't have to be IDE, it can also be SATA.

    Generally speaking and depending on your mobo and onboard SATA/RAID chip, when you go into the RAID setup, it should see all the drives connected to the SATA controller (unless you've got nVidia's MediaShield or Intel's Matrix RAID which can RAID IDE and SATA together) and thru the RAID menu options, be able to choose the drives to build the array, and then the array type.

    Good luck!
  3. Thank you very much!
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