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Hellow every one,
I have the same problem with repairing windows 2000 profisional, after system halt error I try to repair using the CD, but after 85% of setup I asked to insert cd labeled "windows 2000 profisional Service Pack 2 CD" because "NT5INF.CAT is needed", after that I try to find that file in the CD but I found file named "NT5INF.CA_" 21.7 KB, notice the extention difference .CAT and .CA_ , Is this the problem and how I can overcome this. Please help , thank you very much.
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  1. Repairing ANY version of Windows NT is difficult once you have installed a service pack.

    Instead of repairing, you should back up all your files and settings, reinstall 2000, then install Service Pack 4.
  2. Thank you for concern, Unfortunately that was not possible, because the system was halted (windows 2000 doesn't work properly in the begening and all the programs didn't run), in addition to that the computer was an old industrial computer as part of control system, so the source of some programs was not available. I'm afraid that I have to deal with the situation as it is, up to now I reach to that point of file needed "NT5INF.CAT", the windows setup was stop at this point every time I start up the computer,I try to boot in save mode but it deosn't work (blue screen ), so what should I do to continue the setup, hopefully found my setting, its a big change, Please help and thank you a lot.
  3. OK, I understand you have special programs installed, but what about hardware?

    If there is no special hardware you can try this:

    Switch the current hard drive to be the slave, then install a new hard drive as the master.
    Install Windows 2000 and SP4 on the new drive.
    Go into the old drive and copy the folders for your custom software to the new drive.
    Create shortcuts for your old software.
    Run your old software. If it complains about a missing DLL, copy it from the old drive to the new. Keep repeating until the software runs properly.
  4. Thank you for second reply and I hope to get overcome this problem together, It is good idea I will try it although there is some special hardware, Idustrial Ethernet PCI cards to interface with the control system, but I think I could find the drivers in the internet, I may counter some problems with Registry file, you know,I don't have the source or the setup of the control software, so if I just copy the folders to the new drive without installation ,I think I still need to register the software in the registry file of WINNT, I can do that by comparing registry enetry of the old winnt and the new one using Regedit and copy the defference, what do you think? Can you help me dealing with the registry?
    I want to ask questuion, after trying to repair the windows and stopped in the middle as I mention before, did the registry of old winnt still good or changed, did it contains the desired registry entries or not?
    Thank you my friend, you don't know what what your support mean to me, thank you very much , awaiting your reply.
  5. Much software does not need registry entries to run, or those entries are rewritten automatically if they are missing.

    I do not know what state your registry is after an aborted repair, but hopefully you do not need the registry entries anyway.
  6. Hello my friend, I didn't found a replcment HDD yet, But i hope soon, during that what you think about repairing the old system? exactly the problem of file, thank you for support.
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