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Does any one know of a known working USB to serial adapter for linux 2.6.x? Don't want to waste money buying one just to find its windows only.
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    Documentation for that adapter said that the drivers are in kernel 2.4 and later.

    That claims to work as well with drivers included on the CD (I'd assume).

    A quick google search for "USB serial adapter linux" or similar will yield many results.

    Good luck :)
  2. Thank you, when I tried googling it I just got pages saying how to configure them. By the way do you have any personal experience with the adapters you recommended?
  3. I do not have any personal experience myself; the only need I'd have for something like this would be microcontollers, but the Arduino I use has a built in USB to RS232 adapter :) It shouldn't matter much which you go with. They're fairly simple, and Unit A will work just as well as Unit B for the most part.

    Do you mind me asking what you intend to use this for?
  4. Main uses will include serial console access ( routers etc ) and for my gps as my current laptop no longer has a built in serial port. Thank you for you information.
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  6. Im using a USB to Serial adapter from U. S., it comes with Linux drivers included and installation manual. I can highly recommend this.
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