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Okay. I already have one computer in the works that will be my gaming and internet computer for the most part. My mess around and kill shit computer, you might say. I hope to one day build a second computer and on that one, try some things I'm currently completely unfamiliar with as well as go all out. The second rig will be a media center of sorts. Music production, movies, tv, whatever I can do with a computer, I want that second rig to do.

First off, I'd like to try out liquid cooling. Anyone have good suggestions for good cases suited for that?
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  1. There is a water cooled thermaltake armor I've heard good things about, but never actually used.
  2. Hmm...Some of these cases on the Thermaltake site are quite delicious looking. I was actually thinking thermaltake would be the way to go. But seeing as I know very little about liquid cooling other than it uses water...I'd like to get some detailed info first.
  3. yes, alot of the builds with W/C use that case (LCS model), it has some added features to make water easier to use.
  4. Now the problem is just finding where you buy it from. Then again, I'm sure other cases will come out by the time I have the money and time to put into this thing I'm planning. I'm just trying to get a general outline on what I want to build in the future as well as more in depth info on various aspects.
  5. Unless TT has changed their watercooling (the 1/4 tubing/ poor pump design) go with Swiftech or Corsair. TT cases are great though.
    Swiftech Kit

    Antec P180/Swiftech Case

    Corsair kit
  6. Mmm...Thats a pretty sexy looking case. I may have to go with that one, at least for the time being. Like I said, this is a long term goal, but knowing what's good and what's not is a great thing. Right now I'm just a smidge drunk so I'm not gonna read through the specs and reviews on what you've shown me...Just yet. Thanks much for the suggestions though.

    Another thing I'm thinking of doing with this long term goal comp is a quad core processor. I'm thinking the Intel QX6700 for the processor. From what I've read so far online the Intel's quad cores are doing quite well. If anyone has info that points to the contrary, I'm willing to change my mind hah hah. Also, a mobo that would go well with that powerful a processor would be a great suggestion.
  7. If you are going to wait to build, Intel's P35 based motherboards look promising, C2D prices will drop again, the e6x50 series and new quads will be out with 1333mhz fsb.
  8. Yeah. New stuff will be popping up all the time, but I'd still like to get a general outline of what to go for when I build this thing. Right now for my outline I'm looking at the EVGA 8800GTX 768MB vid card in SLI, the quad core cpu, 8GB of RAM, and I'm very interested in doing some RAID with some of the 10,000 rpm harddrives that are coming out. Though currently I know nothing of RAID other than that it links harddrives in a manner I'm not sure of. Hah hah. But hey, that's what these forums are for right? Getting a bit of help here and there and sharing knowledge.
  9. For sli I would go with a 680i based Motherboard.
    Gigabyte DQ6
  10. Whoo. That's a doozy. (pardon the odd phrases...Kinda drunk.)

    What might you be able to tell me about RAID stuff?
  11. RAID = Redundant Array of Inexpensive Drives

    Google it. There are many types or configurations of RAID 0/1/0+1/5/10/JBOD/matrix...

    In theory it basically means if 1 drive is good, 2 drives are twice as good, and 5 drives are five times better.
    RAID configurations are used to increase data read speeds and/or offer greater data protection depending on which setup is used.

    Check this link when you aren't so inebriated. :wink:

    Get to know RAID
  12. w00t thanks for the link. I'll definately read up on that. Maybe now if I get to it. I'm drunk, but not that drunk. I'd remember it, but...I dont know if I wanna do too much reading. Yeah. No reading tonight. Maybe tomorrow. But yeah, I hear about RAID0 most of all, though I've heard that up to 5 drives are possible. Dont think I'd go that high. Hell, I might even try out some RAID on the system I'm working on getting soon. Soon being within the year...Sometime. Maybe. It's already worth more than my car hah hah. I have another forum on here about that system. I've changed a couple things, but yeah. We'll see what I do. Any info is good...I need to stop rambling.
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