Need macro making/auto form filling program

I need a program that can copy small parts of one website and then paste it onto another website. Is that possible? I have to do this constantly for work and it sucks so much. I have 4 tabs open on internet explorer, cuz the website doesnt work on firefox. I need to copy small bits of information, like costs in the form of $XX.XXX and other stuff almost just as short as that, then click on the next tab and paste the info there. I'm taking info from 3 tabs and putting them on one of the tabs.

I tried Autohotkey, which is a free program, it kind of does it, but when it generates the macro, it has the websites exact name/url on it. Those 3 tabs I open up to get info, they have the exact same page layout, but they are different urls each time because I'm gathering info on a different item each report.

Then I tried my Nostromos gaming pad that does macros...but it turns out it doesn't record mouse I can't tell it to move the mouse to a certain part of the screen then ctrl+click to highlight then ctrl+c to copy then move on to the correct part of the next tab and ctrl+v...

Anyone know of a program that could do such a thing? x.x
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