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Windows 2000 Pro install on Dell Latitude D620

Hello, can i install Windows 2000 Pro on a Dell Latitude D620
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  1. Why not?
  2. What I mean is, according to the spec sheet I read, the Latitude D620 went to SATA hard drives. The D610, which I had previously, had a IDE HDD, it was an easy install.

    However, Win 2K SP4 has no SATA drivers on the install disc, even the "unofficial" SP5 that I have installed in VMWare Player doesn't. Is there an option in the BIOS to switch from SATA to IDE, like many modern computers does? If so, then the install would be a piece of cake. Like I now am dual booting XP x64 & Win 7 Pro x64, due to this option.

    I've noticed there are drivers for Win 2000 on Dell's site for the laptop, I just want to make sure that I can install before purchasing.

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    Don't know without trying it.
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  5. I decided to buy a IBM ThinkPad 42p instead. Although it's older, I got it for half the price, and it runs most anything from Windows 2000 through Windows 7. It also has a dedicated video card, albeit a small (32MB) one.

    Certainly not a gamer, but has been a great workhorse over the years. I just needed a notebook computer that would run Win 2K w/o issues. IBM has drivers for a variety of early Windows OS's for this notebook.

    Thanks for your reply, Grumpy!

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