XP is garbage!

How do you configure internet in XP? I'm used to Windows 2000 and it is so easy. But, as soon as I started XP, there is no internet. I was using a wireless adapter but had to use wired recently. Then I discover there is no connection.

Making matters more complicated is that my motherboard/computer has dual ethernet. I believe only one port is usable right now and drivers for the other port need to be installed if I want the option of using it. The thing is, there is NO INTERNET CONNECTION so I cannot install it. I really don't want to go to the trouble of finding another way to get connected and downloading the drivers and putting them on a CD! I shouldn't have to go to such trouble in XP.

Can anyone help me here?

I don't even know what to install or how to configure since I get errors when I try. XP is a mess and 2000 was so simple.

My motherboard has the Nvidia ethernet controller and the Marvel Gigabit ethernet controller for the 2nd one (FYI). I use a Netgear router and I cannot even access the router's settings. XP displays the (Nvidia) network adapter as "disconnected" (red 'X' over it). I have no problem in Windows 2000 or Linux.

I hate XP! :fou:
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  1. XP cant have drivers 4 all the hardware, and instaling drivers it is not to much to ask. P.S XP is grate OS.
  2. Do I go to the Nvidia website and d/l the drivers? I can't figure out what is wrong but there is only one ethernet connection installed right now. I am sure if I go to the motherboard website and download the drivers for the Marvel Yukon Gigabit Ethernet controller (2nd ethernet port available to use), I would have a working connection but I'd have to switch the cat5 cable to the other port. I know the Nvidia port works since it works in Windows 2000 and Linux.

    I hope that someone can answer despite my frustration! I know this port works and can't figure out what has messed it up.
  3. Whats so hard about moving the network cable to the other port?
    Do you not have the motherboard cd to use or is it a pre xp motherboard?

    Usb key at a friends house or the library will work easier than a cd.

    I'll forgive you for calling XP garbage THIS time. Next time...........
  4. Quote:
    Whats so hard about moving the network cable to the other port?

    Nothing. But, why should I? I know the Nvidia port works. If I boot up Windows 2000 or my Linux distro, I get an internet connection automatically on that port.

    I downloaded the drivers from the Nvidia website so I will see if that helps.
  5. Windows XP install disk does not come with every driver under the sun. Theres not enough room for every single one.
    Other than OEM computers, after XP installs the first thing you do is install the drivers off the cd that came with the motherboard, then nic drivers, vga drivers, sound drivers, on down the list...

    Moving the cable temporary to get the drivers off a website then moving it back is not that big of a deal.
  6. If you have dual boot, post mb model, and i will post a link that you need, than you can download the driver you need from you 2k or linux OS.
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