Need help: direct x, drivers


I just got my new computer last week,
And I installed warcraft 3, it worked fine

Now today I reformatted my hard drives, and installed warcraft 3 again
It says: warcraft 3 was unable to initialize directx. Please ensure you have 8.1 or higher and that your display drivers are current.

Well, when I go to dxdiag, it tells me: Direct-X version: DirectX 10

Thats 8.1 or higher right??

Or is there something wrong with my drivers??

I don't know anything about drivers I just reinstalled my vista and formated my drives, so I don't know what happened

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  1. did you put the video drivers back in after the reinstall?
  2. no, how do I do that?
    And my sound and ethernet drivers someone told me I need,
    I have no sound, and my internet is terribly slow

    How do I do it please?
  3. It depends on what components you have.
    Anything integrated into the motherboard can be found on their site.
    Depending on the video you may need to go there.
    List your specifications and Ill try to help.
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