Comcast Opens Up Super-speedy Internet

New York (NY) - Comcast this week began offering a new tier of Internet speed, allowing users a 50 mbps connection, which is quick enough to download a full HD movie in 10 minutes.

Can someone explain to me how a 50 mbps network connection can download an HD movie in 10 minutes? That's enough time to download less than 3.75 GB - a bit less than a typical SD movie on DVD.

From a different perspective, downloading a 2-hour movie in 10 minutes means you have to download at 12x the bitrate. I don't believe that an HD movie can be compressed down to 4 Mbps and still maintain full video and audio fidelity. Maybe SD, but not HD.

Frankly, I'd prefer FiOS if I could get it. No BW sharing.
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  1. Sounds like BS to me. Comcast does now offer a 12mbs connection but a full HD movie in 10 minutes? If memory serves they are about 10gig disks.

    they would have to up grade their fiber optic cableing to help achieve such speeds. I still think were years away from that type of speed
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