Knoppix 6.2 Hard drive issues.

I've been trying to recover the files from my internal hard drive for awhile now. I'm running the live cd of Knoppix 6.2. My internal doesn't show up on the desktop, or when I use the sfdisk -l command, or the f command. But for some reason, when I go to Knoppix flash install, my internal shows up there. But nowhere else. Help? I need to backup my files from my internal to and external. Help please! xblabberx
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  1. So far, my guess is that it's a bad partition table. My drive doesn't even show up in Gparted. Is there any way to fix a bad partition table?
  2. Whatever. I fixed it myself. Got the Ultimate Boot cd and used the registry editor to enable the set command in XP's recovery console. Changed AllowAllPaths and AllowRemovableMedia to TRUE, copied my files, and went on my merry way.
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