Install red hat linux 9

i use a laptop so i don't have a floppy drive
how to install red hat linux drivers disk without floppy drive
plzz help me
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  1. i tried to install it from pen drive but my earlier(windows 7) is not shown..
    on restarting it gives a message BOOTMGR is missing..
    plzz help me..
  2. Sorry, is your question about installing drivers or about a problem with your boot manager?

    Boot from your Linux installation CD and it should let you repair the boot manager. The details of exactly how you do this vary from distro to distro, and it depends upon whether your use GRUB or LILO, but a bit of Googling should help you.
  3. Maybe if you tell us what make and model of Laptop, and why you need to install such an old (2003) build of Linux.
  4. dell inspiron 1545
    our institute uses that version of linux
  5. The version of Grub that you are using (the ones that is installed with RH9) can not cope with the Windows 7 boot manager.

    You might be better to fix your Win 7 install and then run RH9 in a Virtual Machine.
  6. yea i installed fedora on a virtual machine....
  7. Fedora? I thought you wanted RH9?? A new version of Fedora would not have issues dual booting.
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