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I want to get off using MCE for streaming, but it seems hardware support for TV tuners and remotes in linux is kind of scarce. Does anyone know of a good digital TV tuner that plays nice with linux AND OR a good remote control with the option of assigning actions to buttons without going way too deep into .conf files or the like? Thanks for reading!
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  1. Have you had a look at XBMC? I thought the standard Win remotes were supported. Also the site should have details on supported tuners. Other sites to look at would be MythTV.
  2. I havent looked at XBMC yet, though I`ve heard good things. I`ve had other issues with linuxmce and mythtv in the form of mythbuntu, but since i was trying to install those on antiquated systems with obsolete hardware that could be the problem. I know most distros have a card compatibility list, but i wasn`t as sure about remotes!
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    It's not really my area, I still have a 14" CRT for TV duties. Had a quick look and found this though:

    That's the good news. Now for the bad. I'd gotten a bit mixed up in that while you can have live TV/PVR fronted by XBMC it is only a front end, you still have to use something like Myth on the back-end. Having had a look through the Wiki:

    it does make mention of other options.
  4. So far xbmc on Ubuntu 'just works' with my MCE remote, but it sometimes takes a few seconds to notice that the remote is there.

    And yes, you need a backend too: we have an Ion system plugged into the TV running xbmc talking to a MythTV backend on the file server.
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