Is my PSU causing system instability?

I've been experiencing some system instability and have eliminated pretty much everything bar my PSU. It's a coloursit 400W unit and i'm running a prescott P4, Abit IG-80 mobo, Saphire Radeon X1650 pro, and two sticks of kingston value ram and a Maxtor 120gig sata hdd. No optical or floppy drives. no fans bar the CPU and GPU cooler. Modest power requirements I guess.

The hard drive sometimes clatters and cuts out but is always fine on a restart. I thought this was a temp problem initally but i get this error at both 30c under load with a fan and 60c under load with no fan so i'm not sure its a temp issue. I get seemingly random errors and slow performance before everything speeds up again. I'm clean of viruses/adaware and have cleaned the registry too.

Basically, Is this a power issue? I'm aware the brand of my psu is pretty poor but i really dont have the cash to blow on a new one if it's not faulty.

Any ideas? I'm stuck! :? :?
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  1. Sounds like it could be the psu. There is plenty of alright power supplies at Newegg
    This one should do alright with your system
  2. Could be the PSU. Could be the RAM. Have you run MemTest? Also, it could be an overheating chipset. Trying pointing a fan at it, then go through some tasks that would cause it to shutdown/restart. Also, check your event logs, that might give you a clue, and turn off automatic reboot so if you do get BSOD, you can see the error message.
  3. Cheers :)

    I'd not considered that. The chipset is only passivley cooled at the mo so I'll give it a go and let you all know.
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