AVG free and raid

Hello. I posted this down in the cellar but everyone is crazy down there so i thought it best to post up here. :)

I just finished my very first raid installation, i know i'm slow in that regard, and when i try to install AVG free i get an error message:

[Local machine: installation failed
Error: Action failed for file avgmfx86.sys: starting service....
Error 0x80070002]

Is this because AVG free does not support raid?

I'm on the net at this time without protection! :o

It's a NForce650 mobo with XP SP3 in raid 1 with 2 small 80gig drives and everything appears ok. I've installed AVG free in several systems without raid and it has always gone flawlessly.

If i need a full version of a av i`ll get it but if that`s not the issue i would sure like to know what is!

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  1. Btw, Avira installed first time with no hitch.
  2. I use AVG Free and have a couple RAID arrays on my PC, no problems. Just an FYI.
  3. I cant answer your question but for at least AVG free antispyware the last day of support/updates is dec 31 08. Ater this it will cost you.
    I dont use the antivirus but it would be worth looking into before you set it up.
  4. Ok. I f AVG and raid are not the issue then i will look elsewhere. I do suspect the dvd writter so possibly the xp install was bad even though it didn't report any errors during the process. There is always the possibility of bad memory and no, i don't mean mine thank you very much...:)
  5. Having an issue w/AVG 8.0 security bundle on nforce mobo in a raid1 config. But problem not replicable. User says raid degraded right after AVG installation and it also degraded one time since I synced them back up again. Drives seem to test okay, but you now how that goes. Wonder if its not too much overhead for this system.
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