vista sp-1 file downloads are slow!

can someone help me out on this one please! can't seem to find it under search so my appologies if it's been discussed before.

this is for my friends pc and he has vista premium w/ sp-1 and downloading files is butt-naked slow even though he has highspeed connect and it's running just fine. is there a fix for this? if so were can i get it?

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  1. SPI will show up this week, possibly next week on the 'windows update' link to your computer. The 'auto' download will be specific towards your system, sytems drivers, Mb, other hardware detected, etc... Should you choose to download SP1 and install, the file is maybe three times or so larger than the 'auto' file will be. Of course it's slow, the 64bit SP1 total package will not fit on a standard CD 700 + MB. It's near 1 gig. This information is posted on the download site(s). If you like to do online in european languages go for it.

    edit: sp.
  2. this is an OEM pc that was bought with vista SP-1 already installed! and am still having really slow downloads! even micrsoft updates takes forever just for 2 stinkin update.
  3. There was a Critical update released today. I think M$ servers are likely servicing several billion computers about now with that update. I hope they have a patch for slow M$ server download times soon.
  4. Click the network icon in the system tray (lower right corner)
    Click 'Network and Sharing Center'
    On the left side, select 'Diagnose and Repair'

    If that doesn't work - Contact your ISP.
  5. thanks fellas!

    @ Scotteq

    i'll try that tommorow as i'm tired as hell now. this is damn near givin me second thoughts about switching over to vista.

    but i'm no punt and hardheaded as well! LOL
  6. Try it out post your speeds. By using that I confirmed I was only getting half my bandwith when I noticed a strange slowdown on my connection. I called my ISP up and had my speed back to normal (2x of what it was) within 40 minutes
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