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I expanded FF - 3.6.8 for Linux on to a USB stick.

I am running this programme in concert with UBUNTU LiveCD.

It works well, but someone has told me that running FF from a USB has security implications.

Since I use this arrangement for banking, I would like another opinion, and possibly an explanation.

I have not installed UBUNTU because I only use it for banking.

I use FF from a USB stick so that I can update it.

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  1. I think someone is pulling your leg. What possible security implications can there be in running a program from a USB stick as opposed to a hard disk? (Assuming that you don't lose the stick if you also store cookies and passwords on it.)
  2. Thanks for responding.

    Maybe the security implications lie in the fact that a USB stick can be used in a variety of machines and is therefore more likely to pick up a virus or malware.
  3. But such malware, or viruses, are extremely unlikely to affect a Linux setup. I honestly wouldn't worry about it if it works for you.

    Just like any computer, be aware that if someone gains physical access to the device they can get the information off it; but that applies to any computer, and you could argue that it's more secure to have the information on a USB stick that you can keep in your pocket than on a laptop, which is easily stolen, or on a desktop, which is often out of your sight.
  4. Totally agree with iJack on this one.

    The best way if you want to be 100% is to disable the HDD in BIOS and use a live CD for banking so nothing is stored. Downside is you can't update but if you only visit the banks site where is the risk?

    You're at risk of needing a tinfoil hat to take it any further.
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