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Hi I was hoping someone could help with a problem I am having with vista home premium.

I'm trying to set up 4 network drives connecting to various folders on a windows server 2003 system.

When Vista boots it does not connect to the drives, it seems to refuse to remember login credentials for them even when username and password is typed in and the 'remember my password' box is checked.

I got around this problem by creating a network drive and then using the connect using a different user name option and entering the username and password into there (these options are unavailable on an already established drive). This works flawlessly however it only seems happy to do this for one drive. If I try to set up another one like this I am presented with a request for a 'certificate' and an empty list of available certificates.

This is really annoying me particularly vistas insistence in popping a balloon up at me each time I start windows gloating about how it failed to reconnect all the network drives.

Does anyone have a workaround for this, quite why I can get it working for one drive at a time but no more than that seems crazy. I have the same network drives working happily on a number of XP systems both home and professional.
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  1. Hi Scott, I have network discovery on already from the first link.

    Could you be more specific about what I am supposed to be seeing in the second link?

    forgive me but I have spent a number of hours serching google and microsoft for answers to this problem and been presented with many similar lists. The problem being none of the content behind the links actually helps me with this. That is why I posted on here.
  2. the 2003 is dc? if not you can just create on you 2003 same user as on your vista, and give him permitions on ms sharing. It shuld do the trick
  3. Well I managed to get more network drives working just by repeatedly logging out, loggin back in again and repeatedly trying, even using the server ip adress rather than than name to connect. For some reason it just worked sometimes and other times it didn't there was no logical steps I can offer to reapet the process.

    My issue now is connecting to exchange through outlook, which repeatedly askes for a password. I'm falling for the conclusion I should have gone with XP Professional or vista (business/ultimate). This not rememebring passwords thing is a feature of home premium apparently and one of the things disabled in the home versions.

    Now my problem with this is had I know this I never would have got a PC with this issue, the information simply isn't avaliable in the Vista version comparisons microsoft offers. So basically the option open to me is to pay micro$oft £120 to upgrade this to premium just for the privedge of remembering a password it already claims it will remember. I really don't feel inclined to give them any more money.
  4. If you are connecting to a server with a server OS, you should ALWAYS go with XP Professional or Vista Business / Ultimate. XP Home and Vista Basic / Home Premium don't have all the networking options you might require... (connecting to a domain, for example). Never, ever rely on Home editions in server environments... no matter what you've heard.
  5. I had exactly the same problem as Rich_101 with my Vista machines, the only difference being that my Server/NAS is based on Linksys router w/ USB port for external hard drive (WD My Book). I ended up doing two things:

    - As Arcadi suggested (Thanks!) created the same user as on my Vista, and gave him permissions for sharing the server disk
    - added a new network place pointing to the same location as my Vista drive mapping with the reconnect at logon checked

    I suppose the "unmapped" network location now is able to reconnect at logon and that allows the drive mapping also to reconnect.

    This worked for me, hope it helps you too.
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