my re writer will no loger read discs

Hi all, first off this is my first questions in this forum be gentle! I have a E system machine and the re-writer will not read my discs, it just keeps saying that the disc is blank,which it isn`t. I believe the re writer is a IDE-DVD DVRW8801. It use to work fine but now....nothing. Can anyone help? Thanks for taking the time to read this. Bren
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  1. I dont think this will work but you can try right clicking my computer and choosing properties. Then goto the hardware tab and click device manager. Click the plus sign next to DVD/CD drives and right click your writer then unistall. Reboot and let windows detect it again. Another test you can do if you have a bootable XP CD is restart the computer with the CD in and see if you can boot from cd. If you can windows is at fault if not its your drive which is more likely.

    See if you can find any firmware updates for your particular drive online. My drive would hardly write to any blanks until it had latest firmware and now it writes to every blank I try and much faster than before. But if it worked before chances are this aint the problem.

    Finally I think your your drive could do with a good old clean. How old is it? See if it will play an original music cd. If it does buy a dvd lens cleaner. Woolworths do one for 99p and is as good as any other. If it wont play an original then you are in a bit more trouble. Make sure your disks are clean and free of scratches. Try taking the drive out the machine and taking the lid off it. Then with an alcoholic based solution, meths, surgical spirit or even lighter fuel (Petrol type) use a cotton bud and gently clean the laser. Wait for it to evaporate then reinstall the drive and see if it works.

    Make sure the IDE cable is seated on the board and in the drive correctly. It might have come loose. Even fan vibration could have caused it to come loose if it was not quite in properly.

    Best of luck
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