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Server 2003 Event viewer Netlogon5807 doesn't appear in netlogon.log
Win server 2003 Event Viewer registers warning Netlogon 5807 alert, however the above event can not be found in netlogon.log. The time stamp for the warning in Event Viewer falls in between time stamps found in netlogon.log. thus we don't have any IP of client machine in different subnet trying to access AD. Any advise to investigate the cause(s) of the Netlogon alert event would be appreciated.
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  1. Why isn't the event, IP and subnet of the client that triggers the NETLOGON ID 5807 recorded in 'SystemRoot\debug\netlogon.log' ?
  2. You can give a try to below mentioned steps and I am hoping that it will be useful to fix the matter of yours.
    Click on Start and go for Programs and go for Administrative Tools and click on Active Directory Sites and Services.
    You have to click on Sites\Subnets and right click on Subnets and click on New Subnet.
    Into the Address box and enter IP address of Client.
    Now go for Mask Box and enter subnet mask of client.
    Into Site Name list and click on site object which you wanted to join the client to and after that click on Ok button.
    Now click on Exit from File menu.
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