64-bit Vista Ultimate running 32-bit software?

I hear that the 64-bit version of Windows Vista Ultimate Will run 32-bit software and games, is this true???
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  1. This is true
  2. Works perfectly, should have no trouble
  3. the only problem with vista 64 is finding some drivers, besides it it 32 software works perfectly fine
  4. Is the 32-bit compatibility only on the Ultimate Edition of Vista?
  5. All version of Vista 64-bit can run 32-bit Apps.
  6. if it wasn't for my older tv tuner, dazzle and webcam, I would switch to vista 64... :-(
  7. I got Vista 64 and i tried to install Battlefield 2 and Warcraft3 on my Vista 64 and was not able to :non: run them. On BF2 i got the following message: this 32 bits application cannot run under Vista and on Warcraft3 it won't even start (i only see the hourglass running endlessly).

    In which directory should i install my game to make them work? is there a special application that i need to run in order to make my 32 bits game work under Vista64?

  8. Right Click, Properties - there you can select a compatibility mode.

    For the install, right click and Run As Administrator
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